Try These 5 Weird Hacks to Fuck in Public ( And Get Away With it)

Fucking in public provides a thrill you can't get in the bedroom. It's exciting having sex anywhere besides a boring bedroom, and the feeling of knowing you could get caught makes it that much more fun. Sometimes you're out on a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and the two of you just can't wait to get home, or maybe you're on a night out you want to meet and fuck, but you don't make it there. Or maybe that slut you want to fuck is down… as long as it's risky! There's no shame in your game.

But there is a right and wrong way to have public sex. While it's thrilling to feel like you will get caught, you don't want to actually get caught because it's honestly pretty embarrassing, and the worst thing that could happen is if you get caught by any authorities. While some countries have legalized public sex acts, the United States would love to throw you in jail for a year or give you a fine, depending on your state's laws. It's also just not cool to do it where people can deliberately see you, unless you're into exhibitionism, in which case you have a whole other set of problems indulging in your fantasies.

You wouldn't want to be having sex in front of kids, would you?

To have the best public sex and get away with it, here are five tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Time of Day

    The time of day you're trying to fuck in public is crucial. Usually, the best time to do it is at night - like, really late at night. Where most people are asleep in bed, this is usually the best time to get it going on without worrying too much about who's around. But, having sex in the daytime is just as great, and also possible. If you have a basic understanding of how your city operates and when people are busiest, being out and about, and when people are in school, work, or elsewhere and off the streets, then you should have a good idea when public sex would be best.

    Time of day also directly correlates with location. If you have a specific location in mind, you should know when people are around and when they're not so as to avoid any unwanted interruptions. But for some places, the time when people are most busy makes for the perfect fucking in public opportunities. Bars and clubs, for example, should be bustling with people for you to get away with it. No one's really paying attention to you, and it's easier to sneak off into the restrooms and not worry about noise.

  2. Scout for a Location for Your Public Fuck

    Whatever spot you pull up to, you want to make sure that the area is secure enough to fuck. Even if you're just in your car, the easiest place to fuck in public, you should still check around for anyone nearby because anyone with a brain would know what a parked car in a secluded area, windows fogged, car shaking slightly, is doing. Other areas require even more making sure that everything is clear - like parks, for example. Fucking in parks is really nice, but what isn't is having someone walking their dog run into you getting your dick sucked; or worse, a child surprises you both. Here's a little pro-tip when it comes to fucking in parks; if you're not fucking at night, the best parks to fuck in are school parks. Yes, it's not the morally best option, but they're secluded as fuck when school isn't in session.

    Just do the kids a favor and leave no evidence (condoms) behind and clean up any messes you made.

  3. Keep Most of Your Clothes On While Your Publicly Fucking

    One thing you shouldn't expect when having public sex is to get completely naked. It's inconvenient and it would take extra time to get dressed and undressed. To make it easier on yourself, you should only remove the clothes that get in the way of the important parts. Apparently, guys get really hot during sex (especially in cars) and have to take their shirts off, but girls, you don't necessarily have to. One way to keep most of your clothes on is by only removing your bra if you wear one, and just have him lift your shirt up if he wants to suck on your tits, or anything else. Other than that, your bottom half can be completely removed, but if you want to be able to get dressed as quickly as possible, both guys and girls can just keep their pants around their ankles.

    But the best route to go is to wear clothing that allows for easy access. This is mostly a tip for the girls; wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts all make for quick dressing and undressing. Guys, keep it simple; a t-shirt and shorts or sweats are your best option. The worst possible thing you could wear when having sex in public are jeans. Jeans are the enemy all the time, but even more so when you're trying to get your clothes on and off as quickly as possible.

  4. Don't Linger For Too Long

    Once you're satisfied, it's best to leave your location as soon as possible. Collect yourselves as quickly as possible and DIP! Staying around for too long can grow suspicious, more so if you're fucking in public during the day. Plus, it's easy to tell when two people just had sex, and if you're fucking in public, the tell-tale signs will be greater (think grass stains, wily hair, and excessive sweatiness). You don't want to stay too long and find out if anyone saw you because if they did, you'd know about it.

  5. Foreplay Is STILL Important during Public Sex!

    Don't listen to any public sex articles if they tell you to skip foreplay. You have to give her what she wants, and what women really want is foreplay all day. I can't stress it enough - even though public sex is meant to be quick, it's no use if your girl isn't wet enough for penetration. While you can still have some hot makeout sessions without penetration, blue balls are no fun and chances are you're both going to want to get it in. But this can't be done right away, you need to make sure she's ready and you do that by foreplay.

    So how can you incorporate foreplay into public sex?

    If you're sure you're by yourselves, then go ahead and take your time with foreplay. Sucking on anything is a good way to get things going, and oral is an essential part of fucking in general, not just in public. If you know what your partner likes, then do all that, and if you just met this person or haven't had sex with them enough times to know, make sure you ask.

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