5 Weird Things Girls Really Want in Bed That You Must Know

Most guys lust after the idea of the girl they're in bed with calling them "Daddy," but do you know what girls really want from you?

Having sex is all about having a healthy balance of giving and receiving. If you only satisfy your needs and not hers, you can bet that she's going to go off about how bad you were in bed because she wasn't satisfied. Even worse, other girls will probably hear about it and never want to fuck you.

Not every guy gets "Daddy" status. If a girl calls you that in bed, then you know you're doing something right and blowing her mind. But that requires you to know how to please a woman. While every woman is different, and you should approach each one as such, and you may have to perform differently for different kinds of women, there are still some basics every girl wants. If you want the next girl you get in bed with to leave bragging to her friends about how good you were in bed - which probably means more hot girls will fuck you - here are five things you should keep in mind to achieve "Daddy" status in bed.

Be Vocal

There's nothing that turns me on more during sex than hearing my partner vocally express his satisfaction. Being silent during sex is weird, and girls don't have to be the only ones moaning and making noise.

Every girl can pretty much agree that they find it sexy as fuck when the guy they're having sex with says something like "Fuck" breathlessly while you're giving him head, or riding him. Verbal affirmation that you like what she's doing, and she's doing it right, by moaning and saying different things will only make her want to please you more.

It's one thing if the girl you're fucking isn't making you crazy enough to moan or say anything, because it happens, but if she is, you should let her know that, and let your body do its thing when you're having sex. Don't hold back any noises, even if you think they sound weird at first, because it'll only make the experience better.

Give Head in Bed

I can't believe I even have to mention this one, but alas, there are actually men in the world who don't give head. But even worse, some girls actually marry, let alone date, some of these men. If you're not giving head, you're not having sex. I think that oral is an integral part of sex, and it's necessary for both parties if you both want to enjoy the sex fully.

But once you start eating pussy if you don't, I'm almost certain you'll fall in love with it. But if you want to go a step further, you should actually learn how to eat pussy. Just as bad as the guys who don't eat pussy are the ones who don't know how. While the effort is nice and appreciated, and it can even still feel good, you should take the time to learn how to do it properly, and that comes with practice.

So start sucking that clit boys!

Give Her What She Wants, Meaning Foreplay

Just as the previously mentioned tip, this is one that should go without saying. Foreplay may not be essentiaal for you to get aroused, and we know it doesn't take much to get you hard, but women need it. Actually, both of you need it. Why would you just want to stick it in and finish in a few minutes?

Well, I could see why someone might, like if you don't actually like the person you're fucking or the sex is just bad to start with, but if you're going to have sex, you should at least spend a good chunk of time on foreplay. It gets your girl wet and ready, gets you hard and anxious, and is just plain fun for the both of you.

There's so much to do with sex besides penetration, and if you're not exploring the possibilities through foreplay, then chances are you're having some pretty lame sex.

Don't Bust Quick

It's so, extremely disappointing when you're expecting a good fuck with a guy just to have him nut in a matter of minutes. It's pretty unfair, and you're basically a tease. Even if she says it's okay, there's a part of her that knows it's not.

While, yes, you can "go again in a few minutes," why would you want to stop in the first place? Getting one good round in beats a few short ones all the time. If it takes you a few tries to last all the way through, and you achieve your orgasm before her, this could also make her regret coming over, and you shouldn't expect to hook up with her ever again.

So fellas, if you need to beat your meat before she comes over, or stop for a few seconds, or whatever you do to keep from busting quickly - do it. When we say "Don't stop," we really mean, don't stop!

Keep going!

Be Willing To Try Anything At Least Once

Being boring in bed also aligns with being unwilling to try new things. Besides, how would you know if you like something or not if you've never tried it? Some guys are completely opposed to getting their ass ate, but some guys enjoy the fuck out of it.

Your girl wants to use a strap-on with you? Well, that's up to you, but if you wanted her to be open to anal the least you could do is return the favor.

My point is, everyone should experiment with sex to find out what they like, what they don't, and what works best for them. If you don't know what you like when it comes to sex, you'll never know what good sex feels like because you'll just be doing whatever your partner wants. You might even find you like some of the things she wants to try, and because you're open to it, she'll definitely reward you with whatever you like. Plus, if you meet and fuck and everything is amazing… she's more likely to come back for more.

A lot of guys wonder how they can skip the paid sign ups on dating apps and get fucked for free, and the answer is to give women what they want in the first place. Because, like I said before, the last girl you fucked will tell her friends if you were good… and then her friends will jump at the chance to ride you and see for herself.

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