Here are the Best 5 Sites to Watch Hot Guys Fuck in 2019

Let's face it, not every pornstar is hot and not every lead guy is our idea of attractive. Most of the time we don't even focus on the people's faces in porn videos unless they're getting facialed. But attractive people make you swoon no matter if you'd actually like them as a person or not, and triggers your sexual attraction.

When the pornstars are actually attractive to you, then you enjoy the video even more and could actually make you even hornier because you find the pornstar attractive. If you're going to masturbate to porn, you might as well watch one with hot guys.

Here are the best five sites to watch hot guys fuck.


    The name says it all.

    This website hosts probably the most extensive collection of hot guys fucking online. Their whole site is dedicated to bringing you the best videos with the best looking actors fucking. All of the guys in their videos are amateur pornstars, and the good thing about this site is that not every video features the conventionally attractive white male with muscles. You can find guys from different races throughout the site and pick whoever you think is the hottest.

    They're always signing on new models for their site so you'll always see some fresh faces on Hotguysfuck. To keep up with everything new on the site, and see their latest models, you can always visit their blog. But not only do they have hot guys, but the girls featured in the videos are also insanely hot, as well. Basically, there's just a bunch of attractive people in their videos.

  2. Yes Please for Hot Guys

    While their collection is smaller than the other sites, Yespornplease still has some good videos featuring some beautiful guys. All of them have nicely toned bodies and even better, know how to use their dick. You'll get turned on just watching them fuck women, and their faces are a plus. There's even a couple of threesome videos in there with not one, but TWO hot guys.

    To no surprise, you can find a good amount of videos from Hotguysfuck in their collection. In fact, all of them are.

    So if you find that you like the videos on Hotguysfuck, you can always come here to see more and maybe find ones you haven't watched yet. All of these videos are hot and heavy for amateurs, but the beginnings are always a little slow as the two on-camera talents talk for a bit, so if you don't care to hear them talk, just skip forward a bit.

    I like that there's no story to thee videos, though. It's just two (or three) people fucking - keeping it simple.

  3. Youporn:I porn, we all want gay porn

    Youporn has millions of videos on their site, so, naturally, there's a fuck-ton of hot guy videos - literally pages upon pages of them. While some of the other sites only feature straight-sex videos, here's where you can find some gay sex videos, too. Everyone knows that gay guys are super cute and can be pretty built, too. If you're into guys, or even if you're a girl watching, you could enjoy some of the pretty faces featured in these videos.

    All of the videos on Youporn have a percentage rating highlighted in green that you could see before clicking on any video. This is a good indication of how good the video is and if it's worth the watch, and usually, they're pretty spot on. The highest-rated ones last the right amount of time, up to 15 minutes, and feature the absolute hottest porn actors I've seen. There's a variety of Latinos, Black guys, white guys, Asian guys, interracial, and more.

    If you're looking for variety, then Youporn is the right place to go.

  4. XHamster: Where the hot guys fuck like rabbits hamsters!

    A fan-favorite site, XHamster has an excellent selection of videos of hot guys fucking for your viewing pleasure. The theme around most of these videos is centered around college guys, which you know are super hot. If you walk on any college campus in America, you're bound to see a handful of hotties.

    Guys in college love to hit the gym, and these videos stay true to reality with built pornstars. Most of the titles mention some sport the actors "play" or that they're athletes, and whether that's true or not doesn't really matter; they have the bodies to prove it. But if you're not into the whole jock storyline, there are some virgin, introvert, and stripper videos!

    You could be watching a hot guy lose his virginity, fucking his dream girl, or two real guys meeting and fucking for real. Even though most of these people are amateurs when it comes to porn, it sure doesn't look like it, and they put on quite a show.

  5. Pornhub: The Hub for the Hottest Guys

    You can never go wrong with Pornhub; it's just a fact.

    Everyone's go-to porn site hosts some of the best hot guys fucking videos. If you're a person that loves doggy style, most of the videos in this category on Pornhub feature scenes in this position. A lot of the guys also have huge dicks, which is a plus. But no matter what video you choose to watch, they're all good.

    Whether you're watching a hot college football player fuck his first Latina, or watching a some guy fuck his sister, they're all hot, and they're all insanely good at sex.

    People come to Pornhub because they know they're always going to find something great, and lucky for you, all of their hot guy videos are more than satisfying - it'll make you want to call up a dick appointment tonight.

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