NewGrounds Meet n Fuck Games?

By MeetnFuck

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What are "Meet and Fuck Games?"

Newgrounds has a category dedicated entirely to their adult audience, and their sick, twisted thoughts. You can dress, undress, date, and fuck any one of your favorite anime/cartoon characters.

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Why Should You Care?

Well, we all know how sub-par regular old flash games can be, so why not spice them up with a little adult entertainment? On this site, you can live your wildest cartoon fantasies with the simple click of a button. Who wouldn't want that?

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Which Games Should I Play?

If you're new to meet and fuck games, there's really only one way to find out. Just dive in head-on and see which ones pique your interests. The dating simulators can be quite exciting, so you might want to start there and work your way up.

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Picking through a seemingly endless list of sex games can get exhausting, so why don't I list out some of my favorites for you now. Shall we?

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Gwen Flash

Have you ever wondered what would happen is Ben from Ben 10, and his cousin Gwen fucked in beautifully rendered 3D? Well, now you don't have to because this meet and fuck game gives you all the power. Try it out, and see for yourself!

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This one is for all you hentai fans out there; a game where you try to meet and fuck all of your adorable housemaids. It's a pretty dialogue-heavy game, which the community actually seems to prefer. Play this game and find out which style you like better!

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Dusty's Castle

This is kind of a "choose your own adventure" game in which you play a ghost trapped between two worlds - a ghost that just happens to love getting fucked. There are 5 different endings you can get depending on which paths (and dicks) you take.

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Meet'N'Fuck: Star Mission

This game takes place in the distant future where men are only used as a means of reproduction. I'm guessing you can figure out the rest from there. This is a great game with a complex story and plenty of anime boobs.

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Gardevoir's Embrace

Here's one for the Pokemon fans; it's called Gardevoirs Embrace, and it doesn't waste any time getting to the sex. If you're a big fan of Pokemon: Ruby/Saphire, and you're looking for a quick nut - look no further than Gardevoirs Embrace.

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Raven Flash

Remeber Raven from Teen Titans? Well, if you need a refresher, I'd suggest playing Raven Flash on Newgrounds. It's the perfect game for anybody who likes gangbangs and Teen Titans for sure.

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Fans of My Hero Academia will appreciate this twisted little game from ProjectPhysalis, where you finally get to find out what kind of slutty tasks Asui can complete with that wicked tongue of hers. Check it out now!

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More Games?

Newgrounds is an excellent place to find some of the most popular meet and fuck games that the internet has to offer, but it only scratches the surface of what meet and fuck games can be.

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Paid Games?

While all of these wonderful games are free-to-play, there are premium games available on a game store like Steam. The paid games you find there will blow these ones out of the water.

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What Now?

Now that the world of meet and fuck games has been exposed to you, you'll have no choice other than to try them all. Just go down the list on Newgrounds and find your preferred genre. Maybe it's meet and fuck, stripping, dating, gangbang, or all of the above!

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