Millennial Tell All: My Wife Fucks Strangers - Why I Love Being a Cuck

While having a cuckold relationship is rare, and it's no mystery why. Most men are naturally very protective of their spouses and aren't known for being generous with their sexual exploration techniques either.

I guess most men are just too in love with their other halves that sharing the most intimate act imaginable with some other stranger just feels... wrong. I, on the other hand, think it's the best kind of sexual experience I've had in years and I don't know where my marriage would be today without it.

  • What is a Cuck?

    Oh, well I'm glad you asked. A cuckold is generally defined as "A man who willingly encourages his wife to sleep with other people because it brings him pleasure."

    You might be asking yourself, "what the fuck is wrong with this guy and why does he want strange men plowing his wife?" Those are good questions, but I'm not really sure how to answer them. I don't know what it is about the idea of a man ramming himself deep inside my wife that gives me immense pleasure - but it does.

    According to the wise wizard over at, there are two kinds of cuckolds. One is an individual who enjoys watching their spouse gets fucked because it humiliates or embarrasses them. At the other end of this 'cuck-spectrum' is the Alpha Cuck, as he's called.

    This is a man who enjoys being in charge of who fucks his wife and when. This comes from a point of power and isn't usually associated with any kind of humiliation or embarrassment.

    I'm afraid that if you don't already have an understanding of cucks by now, you never will. It's not your fault - it's just a result of you ignoring your more base needs and containing your inner cuck. Don't worry; it'll come out someday.

  • How to Cuck Correctly

    There a few crucial steps that you need to take if you're going to be a full-blown cuck.

    First of all, make sure your wife and her partner are both all good under the hood. Nothing would suck more than begging your wife to get figgity fucked on by some dude and later realize that the dude had hepatitis or something. Man, would you have egg on your face then?

    Anyways, safety is super important when you're headed down this road. You can never be too safe. Condoms are highly recommended as well as safe words. It might not be the kind of sex that really requires a safeword, but in reality, it's not you that's fucking your wife. You have to step up to the plate and be ready if she's uncomfortable or unhappy about anything at any time during the love-making session.

    If you're thinking about having some shredded, bald guy come over to your house and meet and fuck your wife. It can be dangerous to invite some random stranger into your home, and it could come back to haunt you. Say, for example, a man is invited inside your home, you disclose some information to him while having small talk about your upcoming vacation. He then breaks into your house and steals all your stuff.

    In that scenario, that man fucked your wife AND your house. Do you know how shitty that would be? Ugh, I don't even want to think about how scummy that'd make me feel.

  • The Cucksploration

    I started getting into cuck stuff about seven years ago. My marriage had been on the rocks ever since the sexual activity got, well... boring. We started getting sick of the same old moves. You youngsters might not know what its like to try almost every sexual position known to man, and still, struggle to get off like you used to.

    It started as a porn fascination at first. I started watching girls fuck other girls and then watching guys fuck their step-moms which is when I realized I was jealous of the father in that situation. I realized I was more into watching porn where the guy was always left out of the fun. but after talking to my wife about the idea, she suggested I post something on a message board. It meant a lot to me that she was down with the idea, and I was thrilled that she agreed to let me invite other girls into the bedroom as well.

    Threesomes aside, it was immediately apparent that being in charge of who fucks my wife was a real turn on. After some intense sexual exploration, I eventually decided that I preferred watching a stranger fuck my wife - even over fucking her myself.

    Soon enough my wife and I had a short list of names we could go to anytime we wanted to get a little freaky in the bedroom - rain or shine. It's actually pretty empowering to control a bedroom situation. It's almost like you're the director of a feature-length porno that nobody else will see, except you.

  • How You Can Get Started with Cucking

    If you're still reading this article and you're interested in exploring the enchanting world of cuckolding, then let me give you some tips for getting started.

    Searching for the right dude to fuck you're wife or girlfriend all starts with an idea. If you would rather have one of your close friends fuck your significant other in front of you, invite him to get a drink and throw the idea out there.

    If he's weirded out by it then you might have read your guys' relationship wrong, so make sure you have the kind of close-knit tie that can be expressed by some good ol' fashion fuckin'. PLus, who knows? You might be able to convince him to let you fuck his significant other too - and that's a win-win in my book.

    Other people are into complete strangers fuck their wives, which is my personal favorite. To achieve this, all you need to do is log onto a message board to browse from a selection of guys so you can select the one that'll be porking your lady.

    Make sure you specify exactly what you want to do with the guy, whether that be taking charge in the bedroom or being embarrassed by the man. Let him know exactly what's going down, so you don't end up with a weird situation that's out of your control. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable.

    And like I said before, make certain the guy is not a sketch ball. Having someone break into your home while you're at work is one thing, but having that same dude fuck your wife is a totally different story.

    Above all else, have fun. Being a cuck is all about feeling yourself (figuratively and literally) in a way that makes you feel excited. It was can a fun way to get the spark back into your sex life no matter what your situation might be.

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