Meet and Fuck Tonight? Here’s How

By MeetnFuck

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Why Casual Sex?

Test subjects of numerous studies have admitted that casual sex is a huge mood-booster, and an overall great source of self-confidence - despite all of the negative connotations.

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Why Now?

Hookup culture has been on a steady rise since the birth of a little something called 'MeetnFuck' - and it's not slowing down anytime soon.

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Clean Yourself Up

I don't want to be the one to tell you that your natural state isn't good enough, but it isn't. Women today expect a man who knows he has worth by showing it. Shower, shave, and dress up before you go out.

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Make Your Profile Pop!

One blurry picture of you wearing a Warriors jersey isn't going to cut it. You need to make your pictures engaging and your bio entertaining - this will help your chances in a big way.

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What to Do Once You Match

First of all, don't panic. Try to think of this first match as a 'practice round.' Nobody scores on their first try, so just keep calm and be someone they'd be happy to chat with.

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It's okay to be Picky

If you're aiming to catch the attention of young college girls, then giving off a cool-guy personal might be in your best interests. If it's cougars that you're after - try to prove your worth.

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Don't Waste Any Time

I'm absolutely not saying that you should be creepy to girls you hardly know. I'm just saying you should give off a flirty vibe. That way you'll be able to tell if she's interested from the start.

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Meet at a Bar

Meeting up with one of your matches at a bar is the ideal 'first date,' if you will. Being in the same room with them gives you plenty of opportunities to test the water and see what she's like.

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Be Confident

When it comes to the art of the "Meet and Fuck," nothing gets you results faster than confidence. I'm not saying you should walk into the bar like you own the place - just show that you aren't afraid to be you.

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Make Them Laugh

Some girls aren't fans of over-confident guys, but I have yet to meet a girl who didn't enjoy a good laugh. Just be careful that your jokes don't hurt anyone's feelings too bad.

Pick Up One-Liners

Inviting Them Over

You aren't luring them into your cave here, guys. You're testing the waters to see if they'd be interested in coming over for some pizza, or maybe even a movie. Mentioning sex in any way is a huge no-no.

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Reading Your Hookup

The most important part of any successful hookup is the art of reading your date - whether that be her body language, facial expressions, or even her tone. No girl wants to feel like she's in a hostage situation.

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Sealing the Deal

Initiating the hookup has to be the worst part of contemporary hookup culture. You need to be genuine as well as open to denial. These girls know what they want, and they'll make sure you do too.

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Get Excited

Girls like to know that you're having a good time too, so try and let them know how much fun you're having without weirding them out. Flash them a smile and maybe even a late-night cuddle session if you're staying the night.

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Don't Be a Jerk

If she's showing signs of affection late into the night (late night pillow talk etc.) don't be that guy that sneaks out before the morning. It'll ruin your chances of ever hooking up with her again, and it's a dick-move.

Learn Some Manners

Make Your Feelings Known

If you're just looking for a hookup and nothing more, it's a good idea to tell them that. However, if you're interested in seeing them again - don't tell them that. It's better to wake up in her bed a week later because it might actually lead to something more.

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