How Playing Fuck Marry Kill Got Me Laid

Everybody has had moments in their lives that have seemed beyond plausible. Moments when the only way anyone would believe you is if they were right there next to you. Moments that make life worth living.

This is one of those moments.

  • A Wild Time

    It all started when I was in college. Sophomore year.

    I was at a point in my life when I was ready to get over my ex-girlfriend and get into some tight college girls at any given moment.

    I had just been initiated into my fraternity, and I felt like I was on top of the world - or at least I thought I was. Little did I know, it was going to get a lot crazier than I ever could have imagined.

    The weekend finally shows up at the end of every week, and I'm ready to get blacked the fuck out with my fraternity brothers. I mob on over to my brothers' house every other night to drink and hang out.

    This buddy of mine wasn't like your stereotypical 'frat bro' as much as he was more like your stereotypical hippy. Throughout my year or so timespan when I was hanging out with him, I found myself adopting his qualities and hanging out with the girls he knew.

    Three of the girls would hang out with us almost every night, and we really ended up bonding quite a bit.

  • Getting Hazy, and Playing Fuck Marry Kill

    One of the nights, the five of us decided to expand our drug experience by dropping acid.

    Acid can be a scary drug, but when you're surrounded by three smoking hot girls that want nothing more than to rub their hands all over you, it's not so bad.

    We began the night just tripping out and listening to music and finished it up by laying on a big bed with the girls cuddled up between us. We all sat around and talked about philosophy for a while.

    Suddenly one of the girls asks me which one of the girls I'd fuck, marry, and kill. The girl who asked me this (let's called her Alma) was easily the hottest one out of the three. She was a smoking hot latina I wanted to fuck since I saw her. I mean, don't get me wrong, the other two girls were hot as hell. But the third girl was on a 'super-model' level of hot and had actually done quite a bit of modeling before.

    One of the other girls (Hannah) was kind of shy and reserved, but oh my lord she was cute. The last girl (Paige) was kind of a bitch if I'm being honest. We are actually still friends believe it or not, but at the time she wasn't my favorite

    This is probably due to her weird negging method of flirting with me.

  • Getting Personal

    At this point, it's getting late, and my buddy is fast asleep. It's maybe 2 or 3 in the morning when Alma asks me which of the three girls I'd like to fuck, marry and kill.

    The girls have nothing to say as they all look at me with curiosity in their eyes.

    I start off by telling Hannah that I'd marry her in a heartbeat since she's so kind, mild-mannered, and beautiful - and she fucking melts. Like a girl getting kissing in the rain, she smiled to herself and an electric bolt shoots up my back. Things are getting interesting.

    Next, I tell Alma that I'd fuck her 100%. I make sure to look her right in the eyes as I tell her thins, so she knows I'm not fucking around, but I also just want to see the exact look on her face when I said it.

    Paige was not happy at this point, so she left the room to slip into bed with my friend, leaving me alone with the other two girls.

    At this point, I'm sitting in the middle of the bed with each girl on each side. Both of them were laying on my chest, and it was paradise.

  • Mission Accomplished

    I doze off for a second, but then I wake up getting kissed on my neck. The culprit? Alma.

    I wasn't going to protest though. I had been flirting with there girls for hours now, so I was ready to reap my rewards. I was so excited about Alma that I didn't even notice Hannah's hand inching toward my groin and - well, I'm sure you can use your imagination to find out what happened next.

    Anyway, I woke up in the morning with two beautiful girls laying on me. Life had never been so sweet to me.

    All of the sudden the door bursts open and who else is standing there than Paige. Now, keep in mind here that Paige is fucking hot, but not very nice - so you can imagine the surprised expression on my face when she opened the door naked.

    Hannah woke up when Paige crawled into bed with us, and she was a little freaked out a first, but then warmed up to the idea after a little convincing from Alma, who was now awake.

    Three girls in a bed with me. Not a scrap of clothing in sight. It was something I'll never forget in all of my days on this earth, and I'm sure those girls will never forget either since we fucked for like 4 hours straight. Honestly, it was hot enough to have been one of those real college girl porn videos where they all just bang in a dorm room, it was surreal. It was mid-day by the time we were done.

  • The Method: Using Games Like Fuck Marry kill to Create Sexual Tension

    If anyone's reading this and wondering to themselves, "Whoa, I bet I could get some hot girls to sleep with me by playing Fuck Marry Kill." then you just might be right.

    However, you've got to remember to keep your cool, be casual, and have fun. Putting too much pressure on yourself can be catastrophic if you're trying to secure a foursome. That being said, when you want to meet and fuck with a bunch of girls you have to keep it flirty and kinda hot while being casual.

    To be honest, I sometimes feel like it was just a fluke accident that we all wound up together in that bed. Sometimes I think they had all gotten together and planned it out for weeks in advance. I guess there's really no way to know for sure.

    I do know one thing though, and it's a simple math problem. Follow along if you can.

    Hot college girls + good friends + psychedelic drugs = a really, really good time.

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