Use These 5 Hacks to Have a Stripper Fuck Tonight

Getting a hot girl to fuck you take some serious effort, but getting a stripper to fuck is definitely no easy feat. But don't worry. It's not impossible.

Anyone who's ever hired a stripper knows how devastatingly hot they are. I know you might be thinking "Oh, it's just some trashy stripper." But when a woman grinds up on you in a steamy strip club with music bumping, it's borderline impossible to resist her. If you can lock down these steps and follow the proper protocol, you'll be up to your elbows in stripper strange.

Let's get into it.

  1. Go to the Strip Club with the Intent to Get laid

    The first step to any interaction with a stripper is all about mood. Enjoying a stripper is just that; enjoying it. You should be excited, confident, and composed. There's no point in getting a lap dance if you're just going to be nervous and uncomfortable the whole time.

    Plus, the more comfortable you are - the more comfortable she will be. Attempting to land yourself in bed with a stripper can some with a lot of complications, so it's crucial that you have a solid understanding of how flirting works.

    There are a few different ways you can go about this, but only one foolproof method. It all starts with a trip to the strip club. Get your bros together, get a few drinks in you at the bar, have some laughs, and eye-fuck the stripper of your choice.

    If you want to catch her eye as well, you're going to want to dress up a bit. Being visually impressive is key when you're surrounded by dozens of gorgeous naked women. The more strippers you have looking your way, the better your chances are going to be when you go in to make the first move on one of them.

    Crack some jokes with your friends, maybe order some food, and have a good time. You don't want her to think you're only there to try and weasel your way between her legs... that'd be weird. It's also important that you don't have too much to drink. Nobody wants to go home from work with a man who smells like vodka sweat - not even a stripper.

  2. Making the First Move

    After you have a few drinks and you're feeling loose, head on over to an open seat if you aren't already at one. Sit there for a second and scope out your potential mates so you can try and get her attention.

    Ask for a dance, just one. With this approach, it's essential that you come off a little mysterious at first. Not creepy mysterious, just keep yourself a little reserved.

    Try and start a little conversation with her while she's wrapping her naked body around you. If you give her a nice compliment at the start of the dance, she will probably get a little more comfortable with you knowing that you're a genuine guy. She's probably used to gross dudes trying to touch her while she works or breathing in her face, so please don't do that.

    Keep it cool and see if she bites into the conversation. Tell her she looks like some famous actress or something, I don't know. You can't make me do all the work for you after all.

    Anyway, try to keep it chummy. Don't assume that every stripper is just a slut you want to fuck, not all strippers sleep around nearly as much as the girl next door. Treat her like a person instead of the sex object everyone else sees her as. After that one fateful dance, tip her like you love her and go on back to the bar. Have a good time with your buddies, but before you leave to go and ask her what her name is, introduce yourself, and be polite. It's about to get interesting.

  3. Show Interest in who she is, not in the stripper you want to fuck

    Sometimes being persistent can be a good thing, but it really depends on the girl. Let's just say for this instance; she's the kind of girl who isn't interested in pigheaded men with nothing but pussy on their minds.

    Once it's been a couple days and shes had some time to think about you, you should go back into the club. Get some fine clothes on and grab a drink at the bar. Sit down and ask her for a dance.

    Get a little more into it this time and make eye contact. Nothing makes a moment intimate faster than eye contact - especially when she's wearing dental floss for panties.

    This time ask her when she's working again, so she knows you're interested in her. This step can be a critical moment in your endeavor since she might not actually be interested in you. Don't panic though - you can still try the first steps on any other stripper until it works.

    If she seems interested, go ahead and ask her for her number. See if she wants to text you the next time she's coming in. If all is going well so far, you're in for a real treat when it all comes together.

  4. Return Again

    Hopefully it hasn't been too long before she texts you to let you know she's working. Otherwise it might be back to square one.

    Show up to the club looking even better than you usually do so she knows you mean business this time. You can't expect to meet and fuck a stripper while she's working, that only happens in Pornos. Don't even ask for a dance this time. Just get her attention and ask her what time she's getting off, but be gentle about it - you don't want to creep her out.

    It doesn't matter if she gets off in ten minutes or in 4 hours, just let her know that you'd like to see her when she's all done.

    Now you can start to move in for the kill.

  5. Success… you've fucked the stripper of your dreams.

    Once she gets off and is fully clothed, take her anywhere in town she wants to go. Keep it light and try to get to know her a little.

    Grab a few drinks with her and keep the eye contact heavy the whole time. Not too heavy, but just enough to keep that sexual tension alive and well.

    Hopefully, it's late now, and you two have had a wonderful time drinking and chatting all night. Try and mention to her that it's getting late and see if she's interested in grabbing a room at a hotel or heading back to your place.

    Don't be too forward though. You can't have her knowing that you've been thinking with your dick this entire time.

    I shouldn't have to tell you what to do from here, but I should give you a warning.

    Strippers are the most talented women in the bedroom. If you think that the moves they pull on stage are hot, then you're in a for a fucking treat my friend. The two times I've fucked a stripper, it was the most exhausting and rewarding experiences I've ever had.

    I hope this method works for you, as well as it has worked for me. Good luck out there.

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