West Sluts Review - Is This Ultimate Choose Your Adventure Adult Game?

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Porn games aren't as fun to some people as watching porn would be, but if you've never given them a chance, you'll see that you're really missing out on the best way to experience sex without actually doing it in real life.

At first, porn games were mindless tasks that only provided you with the same three sex positions and virtually the same body type of women. Now, porn games have evolved into so much more, with lifelike 3D visuals that the girls in the games look almost real. You can do so much more than just go into a room with a girl and have sex; there are entire storylines that provide hours of gameplay to keep you interested in the game, all while allowing you to fuck to your heart's desire.

Today, we're going to talk about one of the best porn games you could ever play - West Sluts. This game has all of the characteristics I just mentioned and more. Here's why it's a game worth playing.

First Impression

There are different levels you can choose from to play; either the safe for work, erotic, or hard level. But a heads up warning that I wish I had when I first played this game - use headphones. Even if you're not playing it in front of anyone, it could still be helpful to use headphones when playing this game because no matter what level you choose, a loud warning will sound with a woman's voice alerting you that the game has "brutal sex scenes." Then, you must select 'Yes' or 'No' if you can handle it or not.

Once you pick yes, you're onto choosing your first sex partner in the game. You can change them after you complete the first level, and more characters will unlock too.

All the controls are easy to follow, and you won't have any trouble figuring out where to go next. If a PC game isn't easy to navigate, then it's probably no good.

Before actually getting to play the game, you'll be asked what kind of experience you're looking for to start the game. You can choose from casual, experienced, hardcore, or brutal. The game is most compatible with Google Chrome, so I'd recommend running it on that browser.


You have to be a member of West Sluts and register to play, but the cool thing about it is you actually get access to so many other games. From the same member's area, you can access hundreds of different porn games with your account, so you only need to sign up once. There are puzzle games, dating simulators, and even more.

My favorite thing about the West Sluts game, however, is the hours of gameplay it provides. You'll never get bored of it, and you might even become addicted for a while just because of its insane graphics - it has some of the best 3D models I've ever seen in a game. Every girl you choose in the game gives you a different fucking experience, and you can change the levels to see different things.

If you want to fuck other real players and not just the characters in the game, you can also do that! Of course, you're going to need to become a VIP member to access this feature.

Membership Pricing

When you become a VIP member of West Sluts, that's when you get access to all their library of games, porn videos, hardcore 3D animations, sex cams, and more! Membership to West Sluts, although pricey, is worth it because of all the extra features included. For a VIP membership to West Sluts, it costs $39.95 per month, after the free 2-day trial ends.

Yeah, it's pretty pricey for a game subscription, but keep in mind all the other things your membership comes with; hundreds of X-rated games, thousands of HD porn videos to save and download, access to free live sex cams, exclusive VR videos, and free mobile access. Not to mention you get to fuck other players in the game, and won't be restricted to only the characters.


First off, I've already mentioned a few times, but the quality of the main game, West Sluts, is incredible. You'll love how the girls look in the game, and even more the things you can do with them. Additionally, West Sluts has enough to the game to make it enjoyable besides the sex, although they do great in that department as well. It really switches up the gameplay for each level, making things more extreme with each one.

Another thing I like about the game is that, if you choose to pay, having sex with other players makes it a better experience. It's one thing to fuck the characters programmed into the game, but when you have sex with another online player, you have more freedom to choose what actions you want to do, and you won't expect what they do.


I was hoping that there wouldn't be any ads in this game, but unfortunately, there are some, but none are too overbearing. You see the occasional advert while playing, and it doesn't seem that paying for a membership will get rid of that.

Another thing about their membership is that not all of the games that come included will be worth paying. It's kind of frustrating to pay so much for a membership to a bunch of games that you're not sure you will even like, and for me, I didn't enjoy all of them.


All in all, the game is pretty fun, and I got stuck on it for hours. You could easily last longer playing the game with all that it offers, but remember to take a break. Their extreme modes are very graphic, and the game in its entirety provides fantastic gameplay and amazing sex scenes. As I mentioned, the graphics aren't too bad either and is definitely one of the better quality sex games I've played.

If you don't want to pay for the membership and don't mind only having sex with the characters, you can still very much enjoy West Sluts. The girls in the game do a lot and offer different sexual positions and favors that you'll enjoy, and discovering new ones with each character is fun, to say the least. I give West Sluts a 4/5 stars.

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