Sex Emulator Review [ Don’t Play with Reading This First ]

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In a world where porn games are becoming a big part of the adult entertainment industry, the users like you and I are overburdened with choices.

And when you become overburdened by choices, you're more likely to lose interest altogether. That's why Sex Emulator has emerged as one of the top porn-game sites the internet has ever seen.

Sex Emulator makes choosing a sex game easy, thanks to its stellar organization methods, addicting games, and membership options.

Come along with me, and together, we can discover what Sex Emulator has to offer us.

First Impressions

The first time you log onto Sex Emulator, you're required to select a gender and your preferred sexual partner's gender. After this, you can create your very own "dream girl" that will act as your very first sexual encounter.

You can select from a number of hairstyles, body types, and facial features until you're satisfied with your creation.

After some light conversation, you and your creation will start fucking like wild animals - well, animals that know how to fuck in the shower.

After you and your new lover wrap things up (not literally, of course), you're brought to a confusing screen. See, the game you just played wasn't even a fully finished game.

That game was, in fact, just a teaser for the full site - Sex Emulator.

I'm not usually one for gimmicks, but damn. That was a good one.

For a second there, I thought I paid for a membership that only includes one game. But in reality, I've signed myself up for one of the most elaborate gaming sites of all time.

A Sex Emulator membership comes with countless games to play, and they're all pretty damned good.

Let's take a closer look and see what else Sex Emulator can do for us.


Hundreds of addicting sex games aren't the only perk of having a full membership. Sex Emulator actually supplies their dedicated fan-base with a massive list of features, but I'm only going to cover the most significant ones.

First things first, let's talk about the selection.

Sex Emulator grants you access to over 400 titles. And I'm not talking about those half-assed flash games either - I'm talking about 3D masterpieces that you would normally cost you a small fortune to play.

Sex Emulator has a lot of sex games, but they have even more porn videos. Since your membership includes a pass to use their streaming service, you can watch over 15,000 porn videos at any time!

That's over 15,000 chances to warm-up a bit before you fire up those fuck games. Man, what a world we live in.

With over 400 games to choose from, you know that each one is going to be different than the last. For example, I spent the first two hours on Sex Emulator playing a standard meet and fuck game.

One hour later I found myself knee deep in hentai porn games. I don't know how it happened, but I'm glad it did. That's because having a killer selection to choose from makes a gaming site so much more entertaining

Sure, you could browse the same porn games over and over again all day, after a while you'd get bored of watching pregnant women getting creampied - you know?

What I'm trying to say is - I can't get enough of this site. If the number of games wasn't already worth the price, the sheer quality of the games might be.

Pricing and Membership Details

Unfortunately, Sex Emulator is not a free platform. But at the same time, games that are this high in quality don't just pop up out of nowhere. These people worked hard and paid a lot of money to make sure their members have what they need to bust that nut.

$20 is a small price to pay for access to an unlimited vault of cartoon-poon, don't you think? I mean, If those porn game sites that have hundreds of listed games were really legit, you'd probably have to pay for them too.

Paying for this platform isn't that big of a deal when you consider how much you'd be spending on similar porn games elsewhere on the internet. And it's actually pretty cheap!

I wouldn't recommend using any of the Sex Emulator clones out there - you know, the ones that promise you a vault of porn games they can't deliver.

Sex Emulator offers much more than sex games, so it makes sense that they would charge a little more than some premium porn sites already do.

Now let's move on and find any of the good, the bad, and the ugly qualities we can find on Sex Emulator.


First of all, the load times on Sex Emulator are virtually non-existent. Online games with this level of detail usually wreak havoc on your computer's processor, but not on Sex Emulator.

This site has clearly been optimized like crazy. I mean, an hour-long porn video takes 5 seconds to load - 5 SECONDS. I haven't seen anything finish that fast since I was 15 years old.

The sex games on Sex Emulator are astonishingly well-done. And while I know that Sex Emulator's developers didn't create these games, I still appreciate their eye for quality.

Sites like this usually add about 30 good games, and then tag another 5,000 shitty flash games on the ass-end of everything so they can advertise themselves as a site that has "over 5,000 exciting games!"

This site has another rare trick up its sleeve - weekly updates.

Most other sites claim to update their site every month but rarely do. That's why Sex Emulator is such a breath of fresh air within the sex game community.

They give you a selection that keeps on growing as time goes by, so you'll never find yourself completely out of porn games.


The ads can be quite annoying - especially since we are already paying for a full membership. If they had an ad-free version of the same platform, they could probably make a lot more money than they are plastering these shitty ads all over my homepage.

They aren't intrusive pop-up ads or anything, but they're flashy enough distract you mid-splooge. And what's worse than that? Nothing.

Something else that's been bothering me is the sites layout. I'm no stranger to grid-styled pages of content, but the thumbnails aren't big enough to get a good look at the gameplay.

Getting started on the site can be a little exhausting, especially when your browser freaks out and forgets all of your log-in information.

Other than those minor issues, I can say that using Sex Emulator has been a treat.

I hope to see what other updates they have in store later this month. Hopefully, they'll address some of these issues.


Sex Emulator has shown me what premium gaming sites are capable of, and honestly, I couldn't be more satisfied.

The games are fun, the updates are regular, the porn videos are plentiful, and the price is low.

What more could you ask from a site like this?

Obviously, there are some flaws, but that doesn't mean Sex Emulator is a bad service. It just means that it's a work in progress.

And at the end of the day, aren't we all just a work in progress?

Anyways, for all of these reasons I'm giving Sex Emulator 4/5 stars. It's not a bad place to start for anyone who's thinking about ditching porn and joining the sex-game lifestyle. You won't be disappointed.

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