Ultimate Red Light Center Game Review [ Don’t Sign Up Without Reading This ]

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Remember when you used to play IMVU and have sex with the other players and indulge in your sexual fantasies? Or when you jailbroke your Sims game and made them have sex with each other?

No? Just me?

Anyways, my point is that people have made online sex games by themselves, or they've found NSFW-specific games to play to enter a virtual sex realm. Online role-playing games are the perfect way to experiment with your sex life without having to actually go through the challenge of getting laid in real life, and you'd be surprised at just how large this community is.

Today, thousands of sex games exist on different sites to satisfy your NSFW fantasies, but it wasn't always that way. One of the most popular NSFW games of all time and one that pioneered the online sex community is Red Light Center, a virtual massively multiplayer adult sex realm with over 8 million players worldwide. It's been renowned as an innovative company and gained the attention of millions, making it one of the most addicting adult virtual worlds.

What exactly is Red Light Center?

The game is modeled after Amsterdam's Red Light district, hence the name, and features plenty of virtual entertainment and venues, including hotels, bars, clubs, and stores. In addition to the main world, you can add expansions to the game to go beyond its borders, such as Virtual Vancouver. Within the game, you can buy and sell sexual services from other players and engage in multiple options for animated cybersex in a wide range of locations.

But not only can you have sex in the game, but you can also indulge in other illicit activities such as smoking marijuana or eating magic mushrooms. There's almost nothing you can't do in Red Light Center; here, you can live out your fantasies in a safe environment.

But is the game all hype or is it really worth playing? Should you pay for VIP use? Here we will attempt to answer those questions for you by detailing the game and telling you what you need to know.

First Impression

One of the first things you'll like about Red Light Center is how easy it is to install. Compatible for both PC and Mac, all you need to do is download a copy of the software to your device to play the game. While the game is installing the set-up wizard gives you a FlashXML tour of how the game works. Once it's done installing you're ready to play!

From here, you can customize your avatar, and you have quite a few options. Your character can be either male, female, transgender, or a furry (yep). There are body sizes ranging from micro to X-large, and several appearance and clothing choices, but of course, VIP members will have more options.

When you've customized your avatar to your liking, it's time to go explore. Finding all the buttons to click to do different things is easy, and with the tutorial you get while the game installs, you should find the game pretty simple to navigate. You can travel in Red Light Center by clicking on the 'Explore' tab at the top of your screen and pick anywhere you want to go from the 'Events' or 'Discovery' tabs.

Event listings are parties that you can go to, and the directory screen shows you what rooms and clubs there are, and what fetishes or erotic tastes they cater to.

You can use your keyboard or mouse to walk or run around, and nearly the entire game is interactive, and you can click on anything to perform an action on it, including people. As you continue to browse around, it'll feel like there's an endless amount of things you can do within the game.

Features of the Game

As I've already mentioned, you can customize your avatar, travel within the game, and interact with other players - all the necessary components of any MMORPG game. There are other things you can do in Red Light Center, like visiting the second portal.

Okay, okay, let me backtrack a little bit. Red Light Center has two portals for players to use; the first is the game, where you can play the 3D virtual world, and the other is called the Red Light Social Center, the social network for players. In the social center, you can search for other players, add friends, view profiles, upload pictures, and send messages and gifts.

Another feature of Red Light Center is the in-game currency called Rays. You can earn Rays by performing different actions in the Red Light Social Center, such as logging in, filling out your profile, and interacting with other people's profiles. You can also earn Rays every time you log into the game, but all earnings have a daily cap. Or, you can choose to purchase Rays for about 8 cents each.

Rays allow you to buy new skins, clothing, hairstyles, and accessories for your avatar. You can also use them to enter private areas, pay for the "services" of a Working Girl or Working Guy, buy or rent a virtual property, send messages in the Red Light Social Center to people who are not on your friends’ list, and add new friends.

Lastly, the most important feature you're probably interested in is virtual sex. However, in order to use this feature, you must be a VIP member.

More on that later, but for now, let's talk about having virtual sex in the adult world of Red Light Center.

Before you can have virtual sex with someone's avatar, they must already be on your friend's list. you can add players by right-clicking on their avatar and selecting 'Add to Friends.' After you've flirted a bit with another player, one or the other will invite each other to a sex session, which will either be at a place they own or any one of the public playrooms within the game. You have to follow the person who invites you to wherever they choose by right-clicking on their name in the chatbox you're talking to them in and click on "Go There (Avatar)" to meet them at the rendezvous spot.

Sex spots within the game include, but are not limited to, night clubs, adult theaters, dungeons, viewing rooms, brothels, and private sex parties.

VIP Pricing

Your free account on Red Light Center will let you explore the world and play the game at its most basic level, but to unlock the best features that make the game worthwhile, you'll need to upgrade to VIP status.

What comes included in a VIP membership is:

  • All sex features unlocked
  • Ability to private message
  • More clothing options
  • Ability to view profiles and images of others
  • One-to-One VoIP chat
  • Ability to send and receive gifts
  • Instant porting to friends locations

There is also Ultra VIP status you can get, which adds on an enhanced property catalog, immunity from standard population limits, five avatars, and access to even more exclusive features.

VIP memberships start at $19.99 a month, or you can get a three-month membership for $56.97, a six-month membership for $107.95, or you can commit to a full-year subscription for $203.90.

The cost for an Ultra VIP membership is $29.99 for one month, $85.47 for three months, $161.95 for six months, and $305.90 for a year's membership.


This game has many amazing features that make it one of the best virtual sex games you could play online. The game has different sex positions to choose from, unlike other games that only give you a few to choose from, or just one. It's also greatly community-based, and players often find themselves making friends and enjoying playing the game besides the virtual sex feature.

Additionally, the game has a new browser Curio that is compatible with Kiiro's teledildonic devices, which lets you feel intimate acts over the internet! It also supports Oculus Rift and HTC virtual reality headsets.

The game has also shown to be a great dating site for players as you're able to meet and talk to many people, plus the game is so community driven that you won't have any trouble talking to others.


There are just a few drawbacks to the game. For one, its graphics could be a little better. The online universe could also use some expansion to keep users interested and give them new areas to explore. I guess the only real "bad" thing about this game is that you have to pay if you want to engage in virtual sex.


Overall if you're looking for an immersive online sex game that lets you use multiple positions, talk to other players (including voice chat), and has a community feel, Red Light Center is perfect for the price.

You can still do a lot within the game, and there are millions of players to interact with, and they're not shy about meeting new people. It's one of the few games that have this characteristic, and it's super fun to play once you get the hang of it.

I give Red Light Center 4/5 stars.

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