Game of Moans Review [ Read This First ]

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With the international sensation of Game of Thrones now ended, many people are looking for ways to continue the story, and even to add more adult flair to an already adult-themed show.

Game of Moans, the latest sexy game parody, offers all the sex appeal of the show with the first-person perspective of an RPG. Here's everything you need to know before deciding to sign up.

First Impression

The opening page starts out with shock value: explict animated sex from a variety of angles and with a variety of women. There's no doubt that you're getting into an adult-oriented game.

Game of Moans' main selling point is in its no-rules attitudes: there's pretty much no sex act, position, or impropriety that's off-limits within this RPG.

Want to pound a pregnant woman doggy-style while her husband watches? Want to get a blow job from a slave woman in chains? Want to decapitate a prostitute after sex instead of paying her?

Just like the characters in the show, there's no line that this game won't cross.


You can play through scenes with your favorite GoT characters, like Sansa, Daenerys, Cersei, and Melisandre. You can also customize your own original characters to your preferred specifications, so you can design your own personal fantasy.

There are loose story-related mechanics, but they don't restrict your ability to find virtual sex with just about anyone you want.

Rather, the story adds to the character building and can make the sex even more taboo. Fucking a random animated woman is great, but what about fucking your character's mother? His sister? His best friend's wife?

It's largely an open-world RPG, so you can forget about checking off arbitrary objectives or unlocking levels. The purpose of the game is to fuck as many hot babes as you can find.

From a technical perspective, the game has excellent graphics and simple, straightforward controls. The controls can easily be managed one-handed, so that your other hand is free for whatever real-life activities you want.

The character customization features are extensive, and apply to both your character and NPCs. You can make fuck buddies with any body shape, hair color, skin tone, tattoos, scars, or other features that you can dream up.

Pricing and membership details

The game is pay-to-play, but subscription includes access to other games on the network. There are parody games of many other franchises, including Red Bed Seduction, Assassin's Seed, and Cock of Duty.

The price is reasonable for the amount and quality of content that you're getting, especially for the highly accurate avatars of the lead characters on the show and the free rein that you get over every aspect of the game.

The sandbox is really expansive, and you absolutely get what you pay for.


The best part of the game is how customizable it is, and how much freedom you have to do absolutely anything to absolutely anyone.

I played the game for two hours, trying to find something that the game wouldn't let me do. I exhausted all of the filthiest, most perverted acts I could think of, and I never ran into any barriers in the game.

There doesn't seem to be any NPC you can't have sex with. There's also sexy options available for most inanimate objects and even animals (at least, all the ones I could bear to test out).

The animation is well-done and surprisingly detailed. The music absolutely nails the medieval feel of the show, while still sounding fresh and new rather than a rip-off of the original soundtrack.


There isn't much information available without signing up, so you absolutely have to put in your credit card information before you can get to any of the good stuff.

Some of the High Valyrian used in the game is fudged; I don't think David Peterson actually intended "valar boneris" to mean "all men must fuck." But I don't think that this is a serious downside.

If you're a hardcore fan who's really into conlangs, this might bother you. But for 99% of fans, the references and parodies are accurate enough to bring a smile to your face.


Game of Moans is a remarkable well-developed open-world game based on the hit HBO series. If you're looking for a game to cure your GoT fever and your blue balls at the same time, this is absolutely the game for you.

I give it five out of five stars; it gets extra points for the sheer level of expansiveness and all the options the dev team has coded into the game.

Sarah is online and wants to fuck.