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What is a fuckbuddy? A fuckbuddy is someone you can fuck consistently but in a casual, no strings attached, manner.

Get A Fuckbuddy Fast In 2022?

Are you a single pringle suffering from sex withdrawal? If so, there's a simple solution: get a fuck buddy in your life. For those not aware, fuck buddies are people you can call on whenever you're in the mood for casual sex and nothing more. Some call them a fuck buddy, others a friend with benefits, but it's basically when you have NSA sex with the same person.

But finding fuck buddies can be difficult. You could try dating apps, but there's full of people looking for a serious relationship. You could try going out in real life, but no one find sex in bars anymore. But even so, fuck buddy relationships offer all the benefits of a casual relationship with none of the drama, and we're here to tell you how to find one in 2022.

Why Choose A Fuckbuddy?

What makes a fuckbuddy better than a real relationship? Well, condensed down, a fuckbuddy relationship provides the best parts of a relationship without the bullshit. You don't have to go shopping together, you don't have to listen to her awful music in the car. You can absolutely spend quality time together, but your relationship is purely based around fucking.

Most people find their fuckbuddy through dating apps or similar technologies, especially with so many hookup sites on the scene today. Some people choose to fuck people who they're already friends with, and others might meet people in clubs and bars to find their next fuck partner. But one thing's for sure, there are lots of guys and girl who want a fuckbuddy in their lives.

What Are The Fuck Buddy Benefits?

So, you want to know why you should choose a fuck buddy over a conventional partner? Well, this isn't an exhaustive list, and some people will have different reasons for wanting a fuckbuddy in their life, but these are the most common reasons why someone might choose a casual arrangement over a serious one.

Nothing But Casual Sex

Commitment-free banging. What more could you want from a relationship? If you play the dating game, chances are you won't get laid on the first time, or even the second time. Maybe the third time, but only if you play your cards right. But with a fuckbuddy, it's nothing but hot sex and adult fun every single time you meet up.

No Hassles, No Arguments

Because you and your fuck partner don't spend all your time together, it means you don't argue about the things you would if you were boyfriend and girlfriend. Your interactions are limited to night time activities only, so really, there's not a whole lot to actually fight about. No talking, no compromises, just hot fucking.

Only Banging The Same Person?

Even though you're in a fuckbuddy relationship, you're also free to pursue more options. You can continue the dating process, you can meet people for intimate activities or you can find multiple fuck buddies. Since you're not in a committed relationship or exclusively dating, you're free to date other girls too.

Go Wild

There's a mutual understanding amongst those in fuckbuddy relationships - you can go absolutely crazy between the sheets. Something about the casual nature of these arrangements loosens inhibitions and encourages people to share their wildest sexual fantasies with their sex buddy. And because your relationship is based solely around fucking, there's no excuse not to.

Rules Of Having A Fuckbuddy

So you're ready to dive into this world of casual sex with a willing partner, but even though it sounds like a sexual free-for-all, you still need to play by a few rules. The whole point of these types of arrangements is to maintain them mid-to-long term, so if you follow these rules, you'll maximize the enjoyment from your FB deal.

Rule #1: Set Boundaries

Before you start fucking, it's important to know where the lines are. Talk with your sex partner about what's okay and what's not. We don't mean questions about whether she'll take it in the ass. We mean things like; can you sleep overnight together? Do you still maintain friendship when your arrangements comes to an end? And what's the deal on eating out together?

Rule #2: Open Communication

This goes hand-in-hand with the first point. It's important to always be honest with your fuck friends, because if you aren't, you might find your relationship going down a route you hadn't anticipated. The sex will suffer too, and that's the worst part of the whole thing. If something's bugging you, be quick to voice it or things can get messy very quickly.

Rule #3: Don't Get Jealous

This is quite difficult for first time fuckbuddies to grasp, but the whole point of these arrangements is that emotions are left at the door. This includes jealousy, because once jealousy becomes a factor, it's the kiss of death. Your sex friends will have their own lives to worry about, so they can't be at your beck and call 24/7. That's okay, and you have to accept it.

Rule #4: Understand Her Needs

Again, the nature of fuckbuddy relationships is that they mold around your lifestyle without being too invasive. Some guys need to know that their sex buddies have other commitments, like work and school and friends. Sometimes, they'll ditch you for other things, and that's perfectly acceptable. She's got other things to worry about as well as being your sextoy.

Rule #5: Be Punctual

You're not her boyfriend, but you're the person she relies on to address her sexual needs. That means, if you want to carry on being her sex buddy, you gotta bang her regularly. Of course, you have your own responsibilities too, like work or family commitments, but the idea is that you're both around when one needs their nerve ends stimulated.

Rule #6: Understand It Will End

Think your hot FB relationship will last forever? Guess again. It will eventually come to an end and that's something you have to be at ease with. There's nothing wrong with this, of course. FB arrangements are supposed to be short-term fixes to address your pussy or dick needs. They're just brief flashes to light up your sex life for a while before you go your separate ways.

Where Do I Find Fuck Buddies?

So, now you know exactly how fuckbuddy relationships work, it's time to hit the dating scene and find your own. Now, there are lots of interesting places to find fuckfriends, but the most obvious one is dating sites. Although we use the term 'date' lightly because you won't do a whole lot of dating (or at least we hope).

While most people call them dating sites, they're actually what's known as sex apps or hookup sites. Basically, a sex app is a place where attractive people find the next person to share their bed with. No dating, no meet-your-parents bullshit. Just talk, meet up and have fun. In this article, we're going to tell you about the best places to find your next fuckbuddy.

Illicit Encounters

Got a wife and still want a sex buddy? No problem, Illicit Encounters has you covered. This sex site caters to naughty people looking for affairs, and you won't believe just how many married women are on the hunt for extramarital fun. Illicit Encounters has around 2 million users in the US, and that's a lot of people looking for some cheating action.

Just create your account, set up your profile and jump straight into this world of bored housewives, lonely MILFs and neglected wives. It has a dedicated app so you find your next sex friend on the go, and it's full of surprisingly cute women who need a good filling. If you've decided to cheat, this is the place to actually make it happen.

Adult Friend Finder

As one of the longest-serving hookup apps of all time, Adult Friend Finder has a lot to offer. It's got one of the biggest user bases of any similar platform, and it provides multiple avenues to connect with like-minded people. As well as direct messaging, AFF has forums, chat rooms, personals pages and much more.

It lives up to its name too. You'll easily connect with people who share your interests on AFF, and it's only a short conversation between chatting online and meeting up in person. All of the users are DTF and will happily entertain any and all sexual fantasies you might have. For an experience like no other, AFF is the place to be.


It's hard to describe exactly what Bumble is. It's like Tinder, but with a couple of added twists. The site utilizes the famous swiping system to match people, but once you match, only the woman can initiate contact. Not only that, but matches are unmade after 24 hours, meaning you have a countdown before you and your match partner go your separate ways.

If you're a guy, you don't have to do any advertising or chat initation at all. You just have to swipe, match and wait for the other person to message you. It's a unique little app that certainly gets results, and all of the users on here are as horny as the day is long. For a sure thing, try Bumble tonight.


It's hard to explain exactly what Passion.com is. It's a bit like the lovechild of Tinder and Match, because it's full of horny guys and girls who want a little more than a detached fucksession. They have more intimate sexual dreams. These ladies want bedroom communication. They want intimacy, romance, steamy sex sessions by candlelight.

That doesn't mean you won't find a sex buddy on here. Just because it's passionate, doesn't mean you'll have to go above anything other than casual banging. Best of all, Passion.com has a free membership option so it won't break the bank. If you're looking fro a girl who wants more than in-and-out fun, this is the app for you.


When you create an account on Fucktonight.com, you're actually joining an entire adult community of like-minded locals who want the same thing as you - no strings fucking. This platform keeps things simple and streamlined, which is why the app reports some of the highest numbers of any hookup app on the scene today.

Fucktonight.com guarantees that you'll find a buddy to bang within a few hours of signing up, and judging by the site's reviews, it definitely works. It's a treasure trove of real women who just need someone to give them their fix and be on their way. Come in and lose yourself in a world of horny, promiscuous ladies who'll break your bed and not your heart.


SnapSext has nothing to do with Snapchat, although the formats are quite similar. SnapSext promotes naughty-picture sharing with total strangers, so if you want to get your inbox overflowing with spicy naked pictures, this is the platform to do exactly that. It's also a decent hookup platform too, allowing you to progress from picture sharing to actually fucking.

Just filter down to users in your area then start browsing all of the filthy pictures and gifs being shared around. SnapSext is half social media platform, half hookup app, so you'll need to do a little interacting if you want to get ahead in the game. But the site is a real joy to navigate, especially with all the sexy snaps floating around.

Find Your Next Fuckbuddy Tonight

You don't have to hit the bars and clubs anymore. The best form of communication with your next potential fuckpartner is through online dating, so we promise you that if you use any of the platforms above, your next fuck friend will miraculously appear before you, like a sexy figure from the dark.

You don't have to wait around anymore, not when there's endless choice available. Just sign up to one of the platforms above and see what's waiting on the other side. A fuckbuddy is a very real possibility, all you have to do is start searching to snapfuck. As the most popular relationship type in 2022, you'll find someone who shares your sexual desires in no time at all.