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Clean Yourself!

I don't want to make any assumptions, but most men these days are pretty filthy. The first thing you need if you want to get laid tonight is a shower. A shave wouldn't hurt either

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Making the Perfect Bio

Something funny, short but good - this is what profile bio gold is made of. No one wants to hear about your hobbies, tell the girls exactly what you're looking for!

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Posting Pictures

Throw in some pictures of you with your friends so that these girls know that you're not living in your mom's basement. Also, guys with pictures of dogs in their profile get up to 20% more fuck requests according to recent studies

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No Mirror Selfies

Taking a selfie or two isn't going to make girls hate you. However, if you post six stupid shirtless "bathroom mirror" selfies (with the toothpaste stains everywhere), these girls aren't going to want to chat.

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Cater to Your Audience

Girls on Bumble don't want to hear about your "massive cock" or your sexual escapades. On the flip side of that, girls on AdultFriendFinder don't care about your hobbies, or how much you volunteer.

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Meeting Up

This is by far the scariest part of a meet and fuck ordeal. Flirting through a hookup app is one thing, but talking to them in person is a totally different animal. Try and stay relaxed, aware, and loose.

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Closing the Deal

Once you guys meet up and both of you can confirm that the other one is someone you'd want to fuck, it's time to get busy. I have found that asking them to watch a movie later that same night is a great way to instantly tell if they're interested.

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What Now?

Just rinse and repeat! Now that you have the tools and know-how to fuck for free every night, why stop? Just keep doing what you're doing, and you'll be swimming in pussy before you know it!

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