Don't pay for sex! Find a fuck for free, here's how!

Tinder and Bumble and other dating sites of the like are constantly hawking premium upgrades at you. All the while cam sites are forcing you to buy credits to tip girls… is there any way you can get any satisfaction without whipping out your wallet?

Yes, fortunately you don’t have to pay for unlimited swipes or matches to succeed in getting laid. It just takes some serious effort! Well, it’s not too much effort, you just have to be persistent and stubborn about not spending any money! Here are a few tips on how you can fuck for free!

1. Pick a girl up at a bar and fuck for free

Bars have become less about finding a date and more about getting drunk. A lot of people go out to the bars with the hopes of meeting people, but does that ever really happen? No, not really anymore.

Why? Because everyone is using dating apps to get laid! But all you have to do is fill that social void left by all the internet dating apps. Approaching girls in a conversational and sweet way will get you pretty far especially in a bar.

Show that you’re not some millennial tool conditioned to only look for instant gratification, be persistent but not creepy, and be charming and you should have a good in!

2. Coffee shops are a great hunting ground

While talking to people whithout any liquid courage in your system can be intimidating, but cafes are great places to meet and fuck! Approaching people outside the expectations of night life is a really great way to find someone who you’ll click with sexually.

Sure, drunk sex can be fun with someone you already click with… but more often than not drunk sex is pretty mediocre.

Talk to a girl the next time you go for a latte and I’m sure you’ll have pretty good luck when it comes to getting her number.

3. Join all the dating apps and do as much as you can for free

While I’ve talked down about the dating apps earlier in this article (sorry Hinge…) but they can be useful to find people who want sex and want it now.

I suggest swiping through all the people you can with in your area. And then shoot as many messages to them as you can stomach. Be flirty and see who flirts back! Then talk long enough to where you can be 99% sure they’re not a serial killer and go for it!

Who knows, maybe you'll fuck your hot coworker! Or finally hookup with that sexy classmate.

4. Slide into the DMs

Again, the internet can be both your worst enemy but also your greatest tool for dating and finding sex.

I recommend going through your Instagram or your Twitter to find girls that you know in person but maybe don’t know that well.. these are great potential hookups.

Slide into the DMs and be flirty! Whoever responds with fruitiness is probably down to clown.

5. Go to a house party and fuck for free

Again, this is probably one of the last places you’d actually look to have sex at unless you already knew someone at a party.

But this is a great place to meet someone who could be a potential fuck buddy. Everyone has a party-girl kind of friend who's the kind of slut you can fuck It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of mutual friends at this party which means you’ll have wingmen!

Sarah is online and wants to fuck.