Don’t Miss The Best Teacher Fucking Student Vids of 2019

When you want to watch porn, but don't want to waste time searching for the perfect video, what do you watch?

You go to to the videos you know and love that never fails to get you off. That's a reason why 'teacher fucks student' videos are so popular and have been recreated time after time. At this point, they're a cult classic in the world of porn. But just as with everything that's been attempted and recreated time after time, some of them turn out to be horrible. Nothing's worse than clicking on a video just to cringe at it the whole time and realize you've wasted a good nut. If you want to avoid this scenario, here are some fail-proof 'teacher fucks student' videos to satisfy your craving forreal college girls and school girl fantasies.

  1. Vixen Hot Student Fucks Teacher

    This video hosted by XHamster has 3 million views and counting, and is one of the more recent porn videos in this list since it was only posted about a year ago. The production quality on this video is amazing, and the scenes aren't too cringe-worthy and actually make sense. But more important than that, there are some seriously cum-worthy scenes. If you like watching oral scenes, there's plenty of it in this 11-minute feature, plus some great riding from the female lead and the male lead puts in work, too.

    I don't know about you, but I like equally balanced porn where the girl isn't the only one servicing the other, and both parties actively participate. It's better that way in porn, and in real life, too. The ending scene also gives you an incredibly hot view of the female lead getting fucked in the ass y her "teacher."

  2. Student Fucks Teacher

    While the production is older on this video found on XVideos, it's the most-watched video in its category for a reason. With nearly 15 million hits, this video features a MILF-aged woman dressed to the nines in a teacher get-up, glasses, and hair-bun and all, and her younger student in her bedroom. How a student got to their teacher's bedroom, I don't know, but I guess that's not the point, right? What you're most interested in is the sex, and let me tell you, they go in on this video. It's nice to get away from the typical fucking on the desk location of most 'teacher fucks student' videos and going into the bedroom, which allows for more action - and that's exactly what you get in this video.

    There are a lot of oral scenes between the two actors and some great fingering scenes, as well. There's even an awesome creative shot of the teacher getting fucked from behind at an underhand angle so you can see them in the mirror above the bed. The video finishes with the male student cumming into the mouth of his teacher.

  3. Schoolgirl Gets Fucked By Her Teacher

    This video hosted by Redtube includes a twist - it's a lesbian teacher-student porn. If you're into girls fucking girls then you'll love this video. A female teacher gives a lesson in fucking to her student inside the classroom. If you hadn't already guessed, yes, the teacher wears a strap-on. There's something about women wearing strap-ons and knowing how to use them that turns you on in a different kind of way. If you're open to watching an unconventional storyline when it comes to this category, I think you'll really enjoy this one.

    The young student learns how to suck dick using the teacher's strap-on and gets bent over her teacher's desk to get fucked in the ass. Not gonna lie, it's a pretty hot and heavy scene that'll probably do the trick for you. They finish off with the student once again sucking her strap-on, and the video ends.

  4. Redhead Teacher Teaches Younger Student With Big Cock A Lesson

    One of the most unfortunate tragedies in life is when a guy with the perfect dick size doesn't know how to use it. You can have the biggest dick in the world, but if you don't know what you're doing with it, it doesn't mean a damn thing. Lucky for this guy, his hot redhead teacher offers to teach him a thing or two about sex. This newer video has almost 80 million views on Pornhub! And I can see why; not only is it well-shot, but the video gets straight to the point with barely any unnecessary dialogue. The scenes in this video are super hot and feature lots of close-up action when the student starts eating out his teacher. I love watching these type of scenes because it shows all the wetness and just turns you on at the thought of the feeling of both receiving and giving oral.

    You should know by now if you've ever watched a video by Pornhub that they mark all the different positions in the video with tick marks. You can skip straight to the cowgirl, fingering, pussy licking, doggy style, and the final cumshot that this video has. It's totally satisfying and you won't regret watching this porn.

  5. Asian School Girl Teen Fucks Her Teacher After Class

    The classic school girl outfit is used in this video on XNXX; the short, plaid skirt and knee-high socks combo remains undefeated. This video follows a young Asian girl attempting to get her teacher's attention by opening her legs during class and giving him a view of her panties, and long story short, they end up fucking in the classroom. Honestly, this video is enough to make me want to be a professor just for the opportunity to meet and fuck hot students.

    This is more of the traditional storyline for these type of videos, but it does the job nonetheless. If you like hot Asian girls, then you'll like this video.

    While most of the other videos feature the girl sitting or laying on the bed while sucking dick, this one shows her on her knees and the teacher standing up, a classic position and one that never fails to make me horny, and I'm sure it will for you, too. Watch this video and indulge in both your Asian and schoolgirl fantasies.

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