About Meet n Fuck

Meeka Rea
Meeka Rea
creator of Meet n Fuck

Being a sexually liberated woman is NOT easy. Sure, feminism is arguably at its peak and women are "taking back" their sexuality nowadays. But let's be honest, if you consider yourself a sexually liberated female everyone else thinks you're a total slut. I'm not trying to be harsh, or to slut shame anyone reading this (male or female), but I'm honest. It's hard out there for us hoes, am I right?

Being a total slut in college wasn't particularly easy either. Sure, I had the time of my life because every single guy in college was looking to fuck, but after the parties were over and the sun came up, slut-shaming came with it. Girls were talking shit, and so were guys, even the ones I'd hooked up with. So, 2 years into college, I decided I was over it.

Hi, I'm Meeka Rea, and I'm the creator of Meet n Fuck. I, like so many other girls out there, got tired of the slut-shaming that came with wanting to hook up and decided to do something about it.

I'm just your average girl-next-door who binge watches Netflix, whose favorite sport is sleeping, and who happens to be a total slut by today's standards. But hey, if your lifestyle wouldn't get you thrown in jail 200 years ago, are you really living?

When it came to being slut-shamed, I didn't want to lead a protest or burn my bra or anything. I just wanted to make it easier and more acceptable for women and men to hookup without any shame. Plus, I wanted to make it easier to hook up! Everyone knows that you have to jump through so many social hoops before you can even bring up the topic of hooking up. Why couldn't it be as easy as matching, talking, fucking, and then leaving in the morning without having to be forced out?!

So, instead of protesting or boycotting boys, I decided to make something to solve my problem.

I had dipped my toe into basic programming through a few computer science electives in high school, so I decided to give it a try at the collegiate level. Before I knew it, I'd changed my major and started to work on my own adult dating product. I wanted to make a dating site where I - and other people like me - could hook up without any judgment (or strings!) attached. And thus, Meet n Fuck was born.

I'm passionate about making casual sex something that is no longer taboo at all. Sure, society has been making strides toward de-stigmatizing casual sex and dating... but I figured I could help us along a little bit with an app that makes hooking up the norm!

So, stop counting the notches in your bedpost (unless you're looking to brag) and download this app to have the sex life you've always wanted, finally! No shame, no judgment, and no strings. Meet n Fuck is just a fun, casual community of people slutting it up.